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We build specialty light guides for our customers on a regular basis. If you have a special or unusual application, please contact us.


A. GI-14-12
Flexi-metal. 14" long. 12mm diameter glass. "Elephant nose fiber".

B. SV-60-8
Silicone sheathed bifurcated fiber. 60" long. 8mm diameter glass. Custom lengths available.

C. SI-30-8
Silicone sheathed single fiber. 30" long. 8mm diameter glass. Other lengths available.

D. SBL-12-15
Silicone sheathed 12" long. 15mm dia. glass. 4-1/2" fiber slit in a 5-1/4" L x 7/8" W aluminum block.

E. DKR-24 Base
Used with stereo microscopes. For optimum darkfield / brightfield imaging without changing scope base or altering optics.

F. GVL-18-8
Sta-put gooseneck bifurcated fiber (shown with optional lenses). 18" long. 8mm glass. Uses the same common end block as shown in "B".