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R-90M Munchkin
Streamlined system provides uniform, interference-free illumination over a wide range and distance, enabling user to match light output to applications instantly. Light output is brilliant and cool. Shadows are virtually eliminated. Adjusts instantly to change contras. Eliminates glare without altering microscope optics. Patented rotating disk uniformly directs 8 light spots to single convergence point. Operating distance is 0-12" (0-24" with optional 8 collimating lens set). Has darkfield adjustability. Designed for situations where size or weight are factors. Competitively priced. 27" inch gooseneck.

CR-10: Annular Ring Light
The CR-10 provides brilliant, cool, perfectly balanced light from all degrees, making it an ideal solution for application in fields ranging from industrial, lifesciences and forensic research to QC and manufacturing inspections. The Chiu CR-10 utilizes 10mm of glass within a 27" long flexi-metal conduit, with stainless steel end fittings.

Stereo microoptics need not be altered to adjust light, saving time and effort from observation to observation. The operating temperature range is -40°F to +600°F.

The interior diameter is 2.127" and body exterior ring diameter is 2.985". Adapters to fit a wide range of microscopes are available at no additional charge.




The R-8-8 ring light has long been the standard of the industry. The eight point system provides full 360° light coverage. Flexi-metal gooseneck is 27" long and includes 8mm glass. Our most cost-effective ring light.

R-90 Panda: 8 Point Adjustable
The R-90 Panda is a streamlined eight point adjustable ring light with a slimmer diameter (101.2mm) and non-reflective black anodized exterior housing. This eliminates all visual disturbances and allows greater freedom of motion for stereo microscope users. The new system's light output is brilliant and cool, and perfectly balanced. This is due to the incorporation of eight 3mm diameter (2.4mm glass) point light sources which are spaced in a 1.5" radius. These are the highly polished end terminations of the Panda's optical glass fibers.

The new R-90 Panda is also fully adjustable, making the system effective over the full 360° observation, and is eminently repeatable. Users can instantly vary the light convergence point from 0° to 90° with a turn of the adjustable thumb wheel. The system also offers darkfield capability.

With its rugged, black anodized aluminum shell and ability to function in temperatures ranging from -40° to +600°, the R-90 Panda is designed for the tough environments that scientists and researchers work in, the world over.