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High Intensity FO-150 Series
Leading edge, high intensity halogen illuminators, the F0-150 (with rotary dimmer) and FO-150 DPHM (with diaphragm) allow precision light beam placement. They provide 150 watts of uninterrupted fiberoptic light. Output is a continuous range of concentrated or subdued lighting. Safety interlocks automatically cut power when either system's front panel is opened, and forced air cooling prolongs lamp life. Choice of interchangeable EJA or EKE lamps. The ultra reliable FO-150 and FO-150 DPHM systems are the best selling illuminators in the industry and accommodate single and bifurcated fibers, as well as ring lights.

SLS 150 Low Profile Illuminator
The SLS-150 is a low profile 150W halogen illuminator. An ultra reliable high intensity fiber optic light source, the SLS-150 offers continuous brilliant light output, subdued or concentrated, via an integral rotary dimmer. Lamp color temperature is 3350°K. Forced air cooling extends lamp life while a safety interlock automatically cuts power when cover is opened. Accommodates single and bifurcated fibers as well as ring lights.


Modular Halogen MSI-150 and Computer Control MSI-150C
Both systems feature the convenient "parts in a drawer" module for fast servicing. The MSI-150 includes a diaphragm to close the light path without affecting color temperature. In addition to the standard lamp-saving dimmer control, this unit has a Hi/Low switch, allowing the user to extend the lamp life to several times the average. Complete with either EKE or EJA lamp. Receptacle mounted lateral holder accepts two filters. The MSI-150C, with optional DC regulated circuit and remote control connectors, accepts control voltages (0-5v or 0-10v) from host computer. Light output is completely computer-controlled. This unit features a special 10 year warranty on all but maintenance parts. How's that for confidence?


Ultra Compact FO-50
The high intensity FO-50 is ideal for applications where fan noise or vibration are unacceptable and space is limited. The air cooled 50W system is available with either a mechanical diaphragm to instantly adjust light path while maintaining color temperature (3450°K), or solid state dimmer for precision voltage adjustments and extended lamp life.UL listed. Only 4 pounds. Accommodates single and bifurcated fiber bundles and ring lights.